Muslims are Afraid of Terrorism More Than Anyone Else

Just because we are living in a cruel world, we don’t have to act cruelly too.

Imagine being blamed for the things you have never done, imagine yourself being accused of the actions you never ever thought of taking a part in.

When I was enrolled in school, I was always taught consciously and unconsciously that we human beings are all different, we all have different interests and different skills. We are still told that we are unique from one another in plenty of ways. Yet, when one so-called “Muslim” involves himself in some terror activities, all the Muslims are blamed for being terrorists.

Muslims belong to Islam and Islam DOES NOT support terrorism, violence or crime.

We may tend to shroud our emotions in view of what general public think of us, take the example of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc), where ever people see Muslims talking, they tag us as “terrorists”.  We are asked to be banned from countries too. If you have got a little sense left in you, can you sit back and realize that there are more than 1.6 billion people following Islam, according to that, are we all terrorists?

When we say, “Everything is fair in love and war”, our beautiful religion negates that too. Us Muslims by the teachings of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him), are told not to hurt women, children or aged people when you are in fighting against your enemies. In fact, we are told to take care of the cultivated fields and fruitful trees as well while fighting a war. How can a religion that only promotes peace can have followers who spread terrorism?

Every single religion has some extremists but that does not mean you point fingers to the entire community of Muslims for terrorism and spreading fear.

Honestly, it saddens me to see people attacking Muslims every day with hate speeches.

Words cut deeper than knives, remember?

Can we once push aside hate and violence from our side and turn ourselves to spread love and compassion no matter what religion we belong from because a human being is a human being and every single life in this entire world is important.


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