Recently Gul Ahmed launched its Summer Lawn and everyone went crazy over the TVC because it is empowering women.

Sit back. Think again. Is this how you want to empower women?

The tag line for the commercial is “Mein Perfect Hoon” (I’m Perfect). Sadly, we are so consumed with being perfect that the obsessed perfection is keeping us away from the real greatness.

Media has manipulated our minds so much that we have forgotten that being perfect or seeking perfection cannot increase our self-love, embracing the mess we are is reaching the point of self-love.

Us, women, are in the race of being so perfect that every day we look into the mirror and look for the flaws. We have to make sure that the eyeliner on both the eyes has to be equally perfect, the contour on both sides of the face has to be on point, the shade of lipstick has to enhance our skin color. RUNNING FOR PERFECTION. WE WANT PERFECTION. Only media has to be blamed for that and now I blame this #MeinPerfectHoon campaign that does not look perfect at all.

Coming back to the commercial of Gul Ahmed that has fully tried to copy Vogue’s idea of “My Choice” starring Deepika Padukone.

Since when curly hair (chirya ka ghonsla) has stopped women coming out of their homes?

Since when wearing joggers when you’re in a desi attire (and jogging especially) degraded women of running?

From the very starting of the commercial, the narrator says “Mujhe Acha Lagta Hai” (I like to) and engaged the audience with that tagline and in the end, the tagline was changed to “Mein Perfect Hoon”. Where is the brand linkage? If you wanted to motivate women being perfect, why is there t commercial saying “Mein Perfect Hoon’ (that apparently is your tagline)Since you have engaged the audience feeling perfect in their own skin,

From where does the commercial look like a clothing brand?

If you wanted to motivate women being perfect in a much natural way, why is there fully loaded makeup and stylist required to make girls look glamorous in the commercial since you have engaged the audience feeling perfect in their own skin, why was there to pimple marks, dark circles, uneven tone, belly fat (that is all natural) not shown? Why every girl shown in the commercial had to hide her flaws?

It’s because of such media image that girls have started to compare them to the idea of perfection.

The truth is perfection does not exist at all. The idea of perfection can only hold us back.

Perfection is nothing but basically an illusion of your creative ability, it is a toxic substance that is rotting inside your disillusioned mind.

Perfection is exhausting and boring.

You are not an object that can be molded into perfection.


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