Dear Men, Please Don’t Cheat

Dear Men,

I know there are a variety of choices available to you and while it looks too great to leave behind, you should realize that the girl sitting back at home waiting for you has feelings. The feeling she has for you is crude and fiercely legitimate.

While you might consider that having fallen in love is frightening, the girl waiting for your message is petrified. However, even in the midst of her doubt about love and relationship, she is still with you.

She was raised on the values of devotion and loyalty which she keeps on maintaining in her adult life. Have you at any point asked her how after a number of battles and frightful fights, she’s still with you? Did you ever ask yourself for what good reason she is still with you despite the fact that there are other men who can take better care of her and are more qualified than you?

The appropriate answer lies somewhere inside her heart, a place that you have occupied for the a while now. This is on the grounds that she adores you and she will remain wildly faithful to you.

She has confidence in “through thick and thin” and “we are forever” which is an attribute of hers that you shouldn’t underestimate.

She leaves almost everything to tune into your stories paying little mind to how fatigued, unexciting or tedious as they might be. When your jokes are cheesy, she laughs in light of the fact that you are her most loved entertainer.

Regardless of how busy her life is, she prioritizes you in her life. Never underestimate that she is dependably there for you whether it’s physically or from a far distance. She doesn’t think your messages are annoying during work days; truth be told, talking to you is her happy zone.

Beyond any doubt, there are a lot of girls out there for you to give attention to, yet none will have the capacity to love you as much as your girl can.

If you ever develop a thought of pushing all this aside, start reconsidering your decision.

Love doesn’t come knocking on your door twice and the love that you’ve encountered with her is not one to discard that effectively. Deep down you know how incredible your girl is, and when your mind tells you that other girls may not come close to her rank, listen to it. She cherishes you and that is something you should remember if you ever feel motivated to cheat on her.


Her Tears Don’t Make Her Weak

Her tears aren’t an indication of weakness. They’re a sign of bravery and heroism.

A few people don’t have the quality to fall. They drift on the edge of a cliff, afraid of falling down, anxious of what will happen next and what are the chances if they let themselves reach the bottom.

But she has already taken the leap— into your reality, into your world. She anticipated that you would hold up there, to return all that she was ready to give you, yet you let her down. You frustrated her. You demolished the trust covered up within her.

So now, all she can do is cry.

Cry about the way you’ve been treating her. Cry about how she trusted this person being unique and different. Cry about all that you aren’t and all that she isn’t.

Don’t feel too lucky to hurt her because of a large part of those tears aren’t for you. They’re about shedding her old self and blooming once more.

She doesn’t shout out of outrage and anger or even misfortune. She doesn’t cry over the past, despite the fact that the past is what’s been playing on a loop in her thoughts. It will take her time to realize, but she has cried over the future she lost and the new future she wanted to make beautiful.

She doesn’t know what the universe has in store for her, so she shouts out of blackness and confusion. Would it be a good idea for her to erase your number from her phone? Would it be a good idea for her to attempt to fix things up with you? Would it be a good idea for her to go out with her friends or would it be a good idea for her to creep under the sheets until she chokes?

She doesn’t know which way would take a peaceful turn of her life. She doesn’t know what will lead her to satisfaction and what will lead her to destruction.

She shouldn’t feel awful about those tears coming out. They aren’t something to hide under pillowcases or, they aren’t an indication that she has committed a mistake, that she’s a loser or that she needs to get herself together.

They’re an indication that she’s human with feelings. That she’s becoming mature. That she’s getting to be plainly alright with her feelings and mostly that she is getting to be noticeably contented as a woman.

Since strong girls aren’t hesitant to cry, it’s the society that has attached abnormal attributes of being a strong woman. They don’t build up walls of bricks to keep the feelings away. They open up windows, high and wide, to let the feelings inside.
Since feeling is the only tactic you’re going to realize what you want, what you need, what you are.

The feeling is the only way that will help you find and discover your truth.

My Depression Taught Me To Love Life

Constantly living in depression is the same as living in a dark hole where all the light in your life vanishes as fast as it comes, and even the things that once cherished you, can’t help you to remember what it feels like to be happy and cheerful.

You constantly feel the urge to cry when you think about your loved ones since you assume and over-think that your existence is putting them through misery. You try to hide your feelings because you most likely don’t prefer to hurt them, however you can’t help it.

It’s a sickness that you can’t battle all alone but you do, anyway.

Depression drowns you down underwater and suffocates your thoughts, your existence; it makes you question yourself that why is life worth living.

I’ve been through it, miserably. I’ve dismissed life’s significance yet discovered it once more. I put in two years alone, helplessly, never relying or trusting on anyone who told me this phase would end soon or life would get better.

I’m here to reveal my biggest secret to you that it’s a cliche for a reason and that when things improve, you will have the greatest capacity to love your life and the people in it with more force and liveliness than you knew ever existed.

The road of recovery from depression takes quite a while (sometimes, a long time), and it’s a slow procedure but once it is over or even once when you start to feel a little better, you’ll begin to appreciate little things in life more, and in the end, that will rebuilt thankfulness forever.

Sharing my experience, this is to state that even the darkest circumstances can lead to better circumstances in future.

When the blanket of darkness is lifted, it reveals and uncovers the beauty that you never knew was there, it uncovers the excellence that, I, personally, never knew existed.

People, places, sentiments; they’re all the pieces of what makes life an incredible and perfect experience.

When depression took away my ability and capability to appreciate thing, it showed me all I had taken for granted.
Happiness isn’t something that everybody can have. I was sufficiently fortunate to be given another opportunity. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve the ability to be happy, don’t misuse it, grasp it and embrace it.

Try not to hesitate to accept open doors or love with the majority of your heart. The delight that life will give back is astonishing than you can imagine.

Proud To Be My Mum

If you’re active on Twitter, you will see a number of tweets under the hash tag of #ProudToBeMyMum, people were sharing the stories and lessons taught by their mothers and it was all so relatable because we are all luckily enriched with mother’s love.

This is the campaign started by Nestle Pure Life and as you see the tweets under this hash tag, you will see a focus on healthy and positive habits that we pick from our moms which have enabled us to be who we are.

From the moment we come into this world, we establish a sweet connection with our mothers; mothers are always the first “best friend” we ever made. In my early childhood, I remember when my mom for some reason had to leave the room; all I used to do was screaming. When she had to walk in a store, I used to follow her holding her dupatta. Well, nothing has much changed till now as I still do much of it today.
The campaign made us a little nostalgic about our childhood as well as taught us some great lessons.



It is a tough job to be a mother. Being a mother is long hours that are always unpaid, it is challenging, yet overwhelming. I know as a teen, we never realize this as then our mother is just someone who wants us home for dinner but later in life, you realize her worth.


The best thing about any mother is that even if you are living your blonde moment and do something crazy, she will never judge you, yes you might get a lecture coming your way but there’s only love in her eyes.

Our mothers have done everything for us: listened to us whining, crying and complaining, spent money to give an education, a home, and a sane life.


Kudos to every mom out there who has given every piece of her to the kids and a request to all the kids out there to at least appreciate her efforts.


For People, I Walked Away From.

Whenever I find myself stuck in the wrong story, I always try to make things work with the people surrounded by me.

I try to fill in the gap and break all the walls that separate me from them; I try to patch the unfilled holes in the broken terms.
But sometimes, my temperament reaches a point where I feel tired of sealing and patching the bruised holes, I get tired of feeling constantly angry, frustrated and upset.
When things don’t seem to work out or it feels like as they are getting out of my control, I see myself walking away and leaving because sometimes I don’t see a point of repairing a bond that has already broken deep down.

I see myself quitting and starting someplace else.

The process of walking away hurts the most because I unintentionally/intentionally hurt people hence I start to act and feel that their emotions and feelings don’t matter to me anymore.

I start to feel a lot selfish and assume that they deserve the pain and they should go through the same pain I once went through. Yes, I’m acting like the victim in this process and show everyone else a villain.
As time passes, I realize that I’m wrong and at some point, I became too selfish.

I’m sorry.
I apologize to everyone I abandoned. I apologize to everyone I offended and left behind.

I am sorry for saying what was at the forefront of my thoughts without considering whether my contention would make somebody run home with a swelling heart.

I am sorry for letting down everyone who had confidence in my capabilities. I am sorry that I preferred walking away, despite the fact that many people wanted me to stay.
I learnt that the decisions we make in our lives bring us precisely to where we are at this moment. I learnt that whether we settle on the correct choice or the terrible one, at last, it shows us to wind up distinctly more grounded and smarter.

I have come up my way to swallow my pride and concede that I am sorry.

Since there is nothing sweeter than living a life with a light heart that is free from blames and outrage.
I have found my light that leads me to inspiration and motivation. I have found the voice that I can use to motivate individuals. I have found the motivation to carry on with an existence that I can be glad for.
Furthermore, by apologizing and forgiving everyone, I want to feel truly happy and light-hearted once more, beginning today.

Don’t Blame Her Insecurities

She would not settle for any man who does not respect her, she has her expectations very high. She would not hold onto people who bring chaos in her life. She won’t let anybody enter her life that makes her feel little.

This does not make her a hypocrite. She has some standards set for herself.

She anticipates and dreams every day that she will achieve the stars, so she hates herself on the days when she has to sit in the bed with a pack of chips because those are the days when she does not feel sufficiently complete.
Obviously, regardless of the things that she has conquered in this little life and no matter how much love she has already given, she continues to push herself to achieve more.

She needs to accomplish more. To be more. Since she knows she’s capable of a lot more.

She’s insecure and shaky because she has confidence in her potential and she realizes that she hasn’t achieved it yet. She assumes that she will be successful. She needs someone to tell her that she is on the right track. That her confidence in herself is legitimized.
No one sees how terrified and afraid she is. No one notices that she is struggling too bad to stay strong.
It appears as everything in her life is in a perfect order, so her friends and family don’t think she needs any indications of how delightful and skilled she is. They remain calm when she’s silently shouting for their encouragement.

To you, she may look like a superhero because she is shielded with confidence and pride but she is still a human. She still needs someone to get dependent on, she still needs her family and friends.
She does not tell this to anyone in her life but those are the real people why she feels so insecure.
She’s particular about who to keep closer to her, so in case you’re a major part of her life, you matter (you really do). She feels like you deserve the best, so she has to give you everything.
In any case, that is difficult to do (to give everything to the people you love). She can’t control the lives of others — however, she tries.

She tries to take her loved one out for dinner/lunch and give him the ideal birthday presents. She tries to take her friends to a fun evening. She tries to make everyone happy.

Doing all of this all alone drains her. Dealing with herself is sufficiently hard but she does anyway.

She tries to compile enough energy to make it through her days with a smile because she is not the one who gives up, she is an achiever, she is a giver.

Every single day, her insecurities try to slow her down but she fights with the voices in her head that constantly tells her she is too inexperienced, too ugly or too stupid.

So, please do not blame her for feeling too insecure because she is molded that way; having her standards too high because she thinks she has yet to conquer a lot and no matter how much she achieves, that won’t be enough. That’s her reality.


From the Rejected

Rejection sucks.

Regardless of whether it is the person you are in love with, a family member or a job, rejection causes us to build walls to shield ourselves from feeling helpless.

What we neglect and avoid to see is that rejection is a disguised method of diverting us to something else that is far more noteworthy than we would ever imagine.

We have all been rejected and as far as I know, there’s nobody who has not been there, that is because life is full of mess and people are muddled.

Nothing is either black nor white these days, and mostly things won’t go as we initially planned them to be.

It’s so natural to get your hopes up high for something or someone and if it does not end up working out, it feels like the end of the world.

In any case, I’m here to let you know, it certainly isn’t the end.

We should all accept rejection as it comes and move on with it when it goes.

When you are rejected by someone, be very honest with yourself about it. It wasn’t intended to be and that is alright. The truth of rejection is that at first, it will hurt, you will feel a little shaky (okay, maybe a lot) and possibly humiliated by the circumstance.

Never feel less of yourself because somebody is treating you that way, that is something I’ve generally expected to listen. No other person knows your worth.

Never feel doubtful of yourself because better things are on their way.

I really believe that rejection happens for a few unique reasons; because something doesn’t work out doesn’t mean something better isn’t going along.

Be calm and have confidence that the universe has its own special way for working things out.

Try not to accuse anybody or anything. If someone doesn’t just feel seeking after you, don’t blame them for it. It’s not their fault and it’s not your fault.