Your Betrayal Dimmed Her Light

Before you betray her, know this:

This will break her heart like the fierce shattering of glass as it collides with the ground. It is not as little as it seems, you won’t just make her extremely upset. In bonus, you will break her trust, you will shatter her soul, you will take away all of the happiness. You will take away her little trust left in the world, you will break her feeling of self and destroy her confidence.

It is still not as simple as it sounds, she won’t be able to sleep at night, she will switch sides counting the cracks in the wall of her heart at 3 am looking for answers from God of all the things she believed in. 

She won’t be able to eat properly not because she is upset or she wants to destroy herself but because she cannot believe her fate and the flashbacks of those texts you sent haunts every corner of her mind.

She won’t laugh like she used to not because there’s nothing to laugh for, but rather on the grounds that she doesn’t comprehend what these things are any longer.

Just when you betray her, every time she gets to hear “You are beautiful” she will hear it as “not beautiful enough to stay with.”

Your betrayal will show her to listen “You are amazing,” as “yet not sufficiently amazing.”

It will show her to listen “You mean everything to me,” as “one person is insufficient.”

It will show her to listen “You are the love of my life,” as “I don’t love you enough though.”

Everything will make her cry. She will sit at any place doing nothing until 7:30 pm excessively humiliated by tears spilling quietly down her face to get up and go. She will twist into a ball as soon as she hits her bed, cheek squeezed into the cover.

She will get an irregularity in her throat at whatever time she strolls past places that used to be yours until she chooses to keep away from these places altogether.

She will be frustrated of feeling so helpless. She will snap at her family, friends, and people around her for no clear reason by any stretch of the imagination and when they get stung by her outrage, her cheeks will consume red with disgrace.

As she looks at her own reflection in the mirror while brushing her teeth, she will hate her existence and think if just she were prettier, more entertaining, funnier.

She will feel downgraded, disposed of, dismantled, frustrated, troubled. She will feel dumbfounded and double-crossed.She will feel stupid, frantic, laden and loaded with dread.

She will gag all alone perplexity as she tries to hang tight, yet longs to give up only because she trusted you with her.


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