Proud To Be My Mum

If you’re active on Twitter, you will see a number of tweets under the hash tag of #ProudToBeMyMum, people were sharing the stories and lessons taught by their mothers and it was all so relatable because we are all luckily enriched with mother’s love.

This is the campaign started by Nestle Pure Life and as you see the tweets under this hash tag, you will see a focus on healthy and positive habits that we pick from our moms which have enabled us to be who we are.

From the moment we come into this world, we establish a sweet connection with our mothers; mothers are always the first “best friend” we ever made. In my early childhood, I remember when my mom for some reason had to leave the room; all I used to do was screaming. When she had to walk in a store, I used to follow her holding her dupatta. Well, nothing has much changed till now as I still do much of it today.
The campaign made us a little nostalgic about our childhood as well as taught us some great lessons.



It is a tough job to be a mother. Being a mother is long hours that are always unpaid, it is challenging, yet overwhelming. I know as a teen, we never realize this as then our mother is just someone who wants us home for dinner but later in life, you realize her worth.


The best thing about any mother is that even if you are living your blonde moment and do something crazy, she will never judge you, yes you might get a lecture coming your way but there’s only love in her eyes.

Our mothers have done everything for us: listened to us whining, crying and complaining, spent money to give an education, a home, and a sane life.


Kudos to every mom out there who has given every piece of her to the kids and a request to all the kids out there to at least appreciate her efforts.



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