From the Rejected

Rejection sucks.

Regardless of whether it is the person you are in love with, a family member or a job, rejection causes us to build walls to shield ourselves from feeling helpless.

What we neglect and avoid to see is that rejection is a disguised method of diverting us to something else that is far more noteworthy than we would ever imagine.

We have all been rejected and as far as I know, there’s nobody who has not been there, that is because life is full of mess and people are muddled.

Nothing is either black nor white these days, and mostly things won’t go as we initially planned them to be.

It’s so natural to get your hopes up high for something or someone and if it does not end up working out, it feels like the end of the world.

In any case, I’m here to let you know, it certainly isn’t the end.

We should all accept rejection as it comes and move on with it when it goes.

When you are rejected by someone, be very honest with yourself about it. It wasn’t intended to be and that is alright. The truth of rejection is that at first, it will hurt, you will feel a little shaky (okay, maybe a lot) and possibly humiliated by the circumstance.

Never feel less of yourself because somebody is treating you that way, that is something I’ve generally expected to listen. No other person knows your worth.

Never feel doubtful of yourself because better things are on their way.

I really believe that rejection happens for a few unique reasons; because something doesn’t work out doesn’t mean something better isn’t going along.

Be calm and have confidence that the universe has its own special way for working things out.

Try not to accuse anybody or anything. If someone doesn’t just feel seeking after you, don’t blame them for it. It’s not their fault and it’s not your fault.


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