Don’t Blame Her Insecurities

She would not settle for any man who does not respect her, she has her expectations very high. She would not hold onto people who bring chaos in her life. She won’t let anybody enter her life that makes her feel little.

This does not make her a hypocrite. She has some standards set for herself.

She anticipates and dreams every day that she will achieve the stars, so she hates herself on the days when she has to sit in the bed with a pack of chips because those are the days when she does not feel sufficiently complete.
Obviously, regardless of the things that she has conquered in this little life and no matter how much love she has already given, she continues to push herself to achieve more.

She needs to accomplish more. To be more. Since she knows she’s capable of a lot more.

She’s insecure and shaky because she has confidence in her potential and she realizes that she hasn’t achieved it yet. She assumes that she will be successful. She needs someone to tell her that she is on the right track. That her confidence in herself is legitimized.
No one sees how terrified and afraid she is. No one notices that she is struggling too bad to stay strong.
It appears as everything in her life is in a perfect order, so her friends and family don’t think she needs any indications of how delightful and skilled she is. They remain calm when she’s silently shouting for their encouragement.

To you, she may look like a superhero because she is shielded with confidence and pride but she is still a human. She still needs someone to get dependent on, she still needs her family and friends.
She does not tell this to anyone in her life but those are the real people why she feels so insecure.
She’s particular about who to keep closer to her, so in case you’re a major part of her life, you matter (you really do). She feels like you deserve the best, so she has to give you everything.
In any case, that is difficult to do (to give everything to the people you love). She can’t control the lives of others — however, she tries.

She tries to take her loved one out for dinner/lunch and give him the ideal birthday presents. She tries to take her friends to a fun evening. She tries to make everyone happy.

Doing all of this all alone drains her. Dealing with herself is sufficiently hard but she does anyway.

She tries to compile enough energy to make it through her days with a smile because she is not the one who gives up, she is an achiever, she is a giver.

Every single day, her insecurities try to slow her down but she fights with the voices in her head that constantly tells her she is too inexperienced, too ugly or too stupid.

So, please do not blame her for feeling too insecure because she is molded that way; having her standards too high because she thinks she has yet to conquer a lot and no matter how much she achieves, that won’t be enough. That’s her reality.



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