Yes, Life Isn’t Fair

Life has been never fair to anyone of us.

It does not look fair to us that a few people experienced childhood in a home where they could not store food in the fridge because their family was living paycheck to paycheck simply trying to get by.

It does not seem fair to us that a few children grew up without a family or that their parents were taken away from them. It does not look fair that a few parents had to lose their children to cancer or an accident.

It does not look fair to us that a few people were born wealthy and others were living in a shack.

It is not fair to see how a lower class family couldn’t afford to pay fees to send their kids to school however they suffocated themselves taking loans. It does not look reasonable to us that the world’s wealthiest populace just makes up one percent of the world, yet it feels like they never do anything to offer help to others in need.

None of it looks fair to us, however tragically such is reality and none of us has the ability to change that.

You can’t pick the family you’re born into or what social class you will be labeled as. You can’t pick what you look like or if you’re born with devastating social anxiety. You don’t have a choice to be born healthy or with some physical or mental disabilities. None of these choices are in your hands because this is what already has been chosen for you.

You can’t change the life you were naturally introduced to yet you can change how you rise from that point. You can go up from being poor, brought up in a family with five different children to a single parent who couldn’t give much. You can go up from that point by working your ass off all the day long, setting objectives and doing whatever it takes to get to the highest point. That may mean not going out with your friends having fun, not spending any cash on superfluous things.

Your life will be hellfire throughout these years of struggle but it can take you to where you needed to be, however it’s possible and you can do it.

You can return from being living in a shack to living in a mansion.

I agree life is not fair. It isn’t fair for people who are born in Aleppo or different countries at war, it isn’t fair for the people who are born with a physical incapacity, it isn’t fair for the people who are born raising themselves. It isn’t fair, none of it is and it sucks.

It isn’t fair to anybody, however, the fairest thing about the world and this life is that every person can simply make something out of their position. You can go from being poor to an existence loaded with achievements or you can go from being incredibly wealthy to soil poor.

It’s not deniable that life sucks. You can feel like you didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this life, however, life couldn’t care less. Life will do what it has to and nobody has any control over that.

Life can be challenging and difficult but you can always rise.


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