Your Sheer Guide to Creative Contouring

Your face is a canvas and contouring is all about painting your face in different tones (mainly highlight, bronzer &blush) and although the tutorial videos we see on Instagram makes it a little tough for us to comprehend and implement the techniques in real life, trust me, it is really a piece of cake.

Here’s my basic guide to make you look amazing:



a) Highlight: If you’re going out in daytime, pick a highlighter that has a warm tone and less shimmer but for evening or night, pick something with a little more sparkle.


The products that I use mainly are Hour Glass Ambient Lightening Powder and Benefit’s Watt’s Up for daytime. theBalm’s Mary-Lou is perfect for nights and evenings to shine your way!

b) Blush: Pick anything from peachy pinks to perfect pinks but always choose a blush that compliments your natural skin color. Start building up with natural brush strokes, do not go straight with a very dark magenta.


Hard Candy’s Cheeky tints are perfect if you want a blush that looks very natural, it blends in your skin such a way that it always looks like you are blushing. For a  heavier look, I use MUA’s blusher Marshmallow shade (but that’s again for my skin color)

c) Contour: Always keep in mind of picking up a product that is almost 3 to 4 times darker than your real skin color. The aim for contouring is to build a shadow, do not go hard on bronzer and give yourself sun-kissed tan glow.

16996279_10155153459211812_5588767953931551209_n copy.jpg

Betty-Lou by theBalm is my ultimate favorite to give my skin the best shadows.


a) Foundation: Choose a foundation that gives you light to medium coverage, if you put too much foundation, your face may look cakey and overdone and that is a NO! Choose the shade that fits perfectly with your skin color, do not choose a lighter/darker shade as it may look fake comparatively to your hands or neck.


The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundations blends in miraculously with your skin and there’s no flakey touch at all. You will love Hard Candy’s Glamoflauge when you’re going out for a party because it gives a smooth airbrush effect to your skin that you will definitely love.For daily use just pat a little of Max FactorX’s Miracle Touch on your skin and you’re ready to go but make sure you don’t take a lot of Max FactorX’s foundation as it may give you a fake look. The little the good. 

b) Concealer: Cover your acne marks, uneven skin tones with a concealer that matches your foundation so it does not look like a patch on your face. 16939382_10155153459206812_7256954165174816591_n

L.A Girl Pro.conceal is every girl’s favorite and a must in your bag, it gives you the best coverage and covers your marker, dark circles. Always go for this for a fresher look. The second concealer that I used is Essence’s coverstick, I was not satisfied with the product because it does not blend it with the skin and looks like a patch on the skin.


a) Round


b) Square


c) Long


d) Heart


e) Pear


I hope you girls have now learnt an easier way of contouring and choosing your products right. Happy Makeup 😀


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