Sensitive People Don’t Over-React

“Acting na karo”

(Stop the drama)

Being a very sensitive person is not over-dramatization of an emotion or even over-reaction. People who are very touchy cannot help to how they respond to specific occasions. It’s exactly how they are.

Being a highly sensitive person is having the capacity to listen expertly. It’s having the capacity to take in, adapt, ingest the information effectively and considering it in an inconceivably profound way. Being an exceeding sensitive person is considering and reflecting in a way that many individuals don’t know how to do.

People who are delicate and over-sensitive are exceptionally unique and it is hundred percent true on the grounds that they normally are extraordinary at considering themselves and knowing right away when something is right and when something is wrong.

Being a profoundly delicate person means being unimaginably compassionate to others and being incredibly empathetic. It’s always being in someone’s else’s shoes, listening to them and never judging them. 

It requires some extra energy in everything that you do when you are a sensitive person as you carefully measure all the ups and all the downs and the pros and cons. You’re always watchful of the decisions you make and never settle for incautious choices or wrong decisions.

Being an overly sensitive person is the celebration of more crying however it has nothing to do with the shortcomings. It’s being more open to the people and trusting their entire being, giving your emotions a chance to show and passing on the truth to the world without lament.

Don’t confuse being sensitive with being weak or being a cry-baby. 

It’s being strong enough to show up your emotions to the world when you’re happy or sad.

Being sensitive and delicate with emotions is too beautiful to explain in a world where emotions and feelings are not respected.

In a world, we are again and again told to hide our feelings because that shows how strong we are, overly-sensitive people show us how it is okay to show your real emotions and it is okay to be human.


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